Exyusite goes English

For several years I have been running the blog exyusite.net on which I write about culture, music, history, geography and other things on which there is little, only scattered or no information in German.

Now I have finally managed to translate articles into English.

Therefore, I am glad, that I may invite you to a journey to „the former state“ also in English. A special focus is on observations from everyday life in the region. These are often small details that, when seen together, form a whole, mosaic stones that become pictures of countries and people.

At the moment, you will find reports in English mainly on the topics of

  • tourism,
  • rock music and other popular music,
  • Yugoslavian railways and
  • history.


In the „Tourism“ section, we take those who are free from giddiness on a round trip around the Dalmatian Machu Piccu. And for those who are now wondering why Machu Piccu is not in South America, we also show Niagara Falls in Montenegro, a Chinese wall in Croatia and a Chinese exhibition in Belgrade. We mourn the disappearance of the Efke boy in Zagreb, marvel at apocalyptic horsemen in Skopje, explore unknown worlds in the early morning not far from the tourist masses on the Adriatic Sea and ask ourselves what the „Yugoslavia Road“ in Prague can still tell us today.

Rock music

In the section „Rock music and other popular music“, we focus on the relationship between music and politics: we read record covers of the 1980s as harbingers of the Balkan War, we follow how two former band colleagues went down political paths that could not be more different, but had previously affirmed together that rock musicians can also be good communists, and we look at musical footprints on the streets of Sarajevo.

And at least partly in the category of music belongs the article in which we reveal what Paul McCartney and – yes: you read correctly – Josip Broz Tito had in common. Different opinions are held about Tito and McCartney. The same goes for the Sarajevo assassin Gavrilo Princip, who became the subject of a pop song.

Do you want to hear how Jingle Bells sounds in the different styles of the former Yugoslav republic? Of course you can do that on our site too!

Railway and trains

All on board? Then we can set off on the railway. Or at least admire old locomotives and trains that are slumbering away, slowly becoming part of nature.


There is also a bit of history, starting with Montenegrin criminal law and the historic end of a football match, which was followed by the world’s largest funeral at the time (with the death of Princess Diana, this record has probably been taken elsewhere). In a certain sense, history is also our former favourite Yugoslavian lemonade and our student days in Novi Sad in the 1980s.

We dare to bet that you will learn things about Yugoslavia on these pages that you did not know yet!

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