Bosnia and Herzegovina now with Schmidt

Anyone listening to the radio or watching television in Bosnia at the beginning of August might have thought they were back in the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1970s: All news broadcasts began with the family name "Schmidt". This time, however, the first name was not Helmut, but Christian. The former Federal Minister of... Weiterlesen →

„Niagara Falls“ near Podgorica, Montenegro

Smaller than the original, but still breathtaking: "Niagara Falls" near Podgorica. The "former state" (bivša država, as the former Yugoslavia is "politically correctly" called today in its successor states) is full of natural beauty. Plitvice, the Krka Falls and the Postojna Caves are also known abroad. But there are also many breathtaking landscapes and phenomena... Weiterlesen →

Croatia: Secret worlds not far from the beach

(Holiday in ) Yugoslavia was actually (Holiday in ) Croatia Summertime is holiday time. When people abroad talk about holidays in Yugoslavia (today: in the former Yugoslavia), they usually think of Croatia. The reasons for this are obvious: Croatia has the longest coastline of all the former Yugoslav republics and is from a lot of... Weiterlesen →

Apocalyptic Horseman – „Skopje 2014“

"Skopje 2014" was a showcase project of the previous government in North Macedonia that said a lot about its attitudes. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words: Here the apocalyptic horseman before (burning?) crosses. Let your imagination run free about the (background) reasons for this "composition"! Well, what do you think? If you come... Weiterlesen →

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