Happy orthodox Easter in a multireligious enviroment

With this orthodox Easter greeeting in Cyrillic script we wish everyone how celebrates this religous holiday all the best. This Easter greeting is hanging in Travnik, Bosnia and Hercegovina, across the main street, on which posters advertise menus for breaking the fast in the Muslim fasting month of Ramazan, not far away from a billboard... Weiterlesen →

Concrete ship as lost place of a special kind

Fans of lost places, i.e. dilapidated, no longer used buildings and other objects, usually have to go far away from civilisation to find such places, which are as run-down as they are enchanted.This is different in Skopje, the capital of the state that is now called North Macedonia, unfamiliar but much shorter than before (when... Weiterlesen →

The shuffelin madness of locomotive stamps

Regular visitors to this website already know: we have a soft spot for ex-Yugoslavian railways and now and then stamps play a role here. Now we have found a website which that combines both, stamps with steam and other locomotives. On this site you can click through "the shuffelin madness of locomotive stamps"But what do... Weiterlesen →

„Markige“ Lok(o)Motive(n)

Regelmäßige Besucher dieser Website wissen es schon: Wir haben ein Faible für ex-jugoslawische Eisenbahnen und ab und an spielen hier auch Briefmarken eine Rolle. Nun haben wir eine Website gefunden, die beides bietet, nämlich Briefmarken mit Dampf- und anderen Loks, kombiniert. Hier kann man sich seitensweise durch „Lok-Marken“ klicken. Was aber haben die jungen Menschen... Weiterlesen →

Bosnia and Herzegovina now with Schmidt

Anyone listening to the radio or watching television in Bosnia at the beginning of August might have thought they were back in the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1970s: All news broadcasts began with the family name "Schmidt". This time, however, the first name was not Helmut, but Christian. The former Federal Minister of... Weiterlesen →

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