„Niagara Falls“ near Podgorica, Montenegro

Smaller than the original, but still breathtaking: „Niagara Falls“ near Podgorica.

The „former state“ (bivša država, as the former Yugoslavia is „politically correctly“ called today in its successor states) is full of natural beauty. Plitvice, the Krka Falls and the Postojna Caves are also known abroad. But there are also many breathtaking landscapes and phenomena that are still not very well known.

Most of them can be found far away from the cities. This is different with the „Niagara Falls“ in Montenegro, which are only about ten minutes‘ drive from the capital Podgorica or the airport. And they also have the advantage that you can look at them while enjoying Montenegrin home cooking on the terrace of the quaint restaurant located there.

But first things first:

Montenegro is a small country. That is why the „Niagara Falls“ there are somewhat smaller than the original. The water of the Cijevna falls about ten metres into a narrow canyon in the Zeta Plain near Podgorica. Nevertheless, the whole thing is more than impressive, especially because you can venture over soggy rocks to the edge of the canyon and see at close quarters how the water thunders downwards in several places on a broad front.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a film is worth more than an entire encyclopaedia. That’s why a flight with a camera drone over the waterfalls is recommended to anyone interested. This can be „booked“ here.

For those who want to see the falls in real life:

The way to the falls is not well signposted, so the GPS coordinates may be useful. They are 42.366 / 19.331 (Thanks to the source).

When you arrive, the first thing you see is a wooden restaurant with the obvious name „Niagara“. In good weather you can sit on the terrace. However, it is advisable to sit at the back, as the sound of the waterfalls further ahead makes casual conversation difficult.

Even if you sit inside, you don’t have to do without a waterfall. An artificial, but very realistic-looking waterfall is installed on the back wall of the building, which spreads Niagara atmosphere inside the restaurant at the push of a button.

By the way, the whole thing is not an attraction for tourists. They rarely find their way here via the barely signposted, asphalt-less bumpy road. Above all, it is a place that is visited by locals on special occasions. Weddings and other family celebrations in particular take place here.

In addition to the artificial waterfall, the interior of the restaurant also features the façade of a typical Montenegrin mountain hut. It looks a bit like the backdrop of a peasant theatre. But if you take a closer look at the accessories there, you will get a deep glimpse into the Montenegrin soul. A child’s cradle as a symbol of rich offspring can be found there, as well as a gusla, an ancient, one-stringed instrument that stands for music and the oral transmission of old stories and ballads, and – last but not least – an impressive shotgun, which embodies the defensive nature of this proud mountain people.

With so much culture and nature, it’s almost snooty to talk about prizes. We do it anyway: a Skadarska fish soup costs two euros and a portion of grilled sausage with a side dish six. Mixed salad and 0.3 l of freshly tapped local beer from Nikšić are available for 1.30 euros each.

Since there are also delicious home brews, you should visit the waterfall first and then go to eat.

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