Make Music not War: Footprints in Sarajevo through the ages

Rock music has aged somewhat:

  • In Britain, it is already routine for rock veterans to be ennobled,
  • Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize and
  • in London and Berlin, plaques commemorate important events in the careers of the Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

At least the commemorative plaque trend has now also arrived in Sarajevo.

There, on the Miljačka River, footprints cast in a concrete slab in the pavement used to remind where the assassin Gavrilo Princip was standing when he shot Franz Ferdinand and Sophie. This memorial has long since been removed in the sign of a changed official political world view.

Now, a few hundred metres further on in the pedestrian zone, the astonished passer-by comes across new footprints, this time of two men standing opposite each other.

Unlike Princip, however, they do so with peaceful intentions. The event the record commemorates took the ideas of love, peace & music in Yugoslavia a lot further. It commemorates the founding of the influential group Indexi in September 1962.

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A few hundred metres out of town, there is a commemorative plaque on the wall of a house.

Here one learns that the guitarist and main composer of this group Slobodan „Bodo“ Kovačević was born there on 29 December 1946.


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