„Great Wall of China“ in Croatia: Fake Wall to go

Picture (modified): Wikipedia, photographer Aradic-es

Do you ever want to take pictures of yourself in front of the „Great Wall of China“ – or even on it – but shy away from the long journey?

If you are on holiday in the southern part of the Croatian Adriatic, we have a tip for you in this case: If you are driving down the main road to Dubrovnik, you only have to plan a little more time to take a longer break on the approach to Ston, then you will have the opportunity to do so.

The town is located right where the Pelješac peninsula leaves the mainland, about fifty kilometers from Dubrovnik (which is about an hour’s drive with the local road conditions, or more in the high season due to the traffic).

„White gold“ must be protected

Ston came to the independent city republic of Dubrovnik in 1333 (easy to remember this date, don’t you think?). „In the package“ was a large seawater saltwork. In this salt garden this vital food supplement has been obtained by evaporation since ancient times. As it was rare and sought-after at that time, this production facility became one of the most important sources of income in Dubrovnik.

At that time there were many envious people and the times were rough. Therefore a fortification had to be built. It was more than five kilometers long (some even speak of seven kilometers) and it connected three forts and more than 40 towers.

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Pictures (modified): Wikipedia, photographer Aradic-es

Longest fortification wall in Europe ?

As it runs along the hills and mountains, it has certain similarities with the border wall in China, which is almost a thousand times as long. It is said to be the longest fortress wall in Europe, in a travel brochure we even read the designation as the second longest wall in the world – after the Chinese one. That is admittedly a little exaggerated, as it once brought the city wall of Nanjing, for example, to 333 kilometers, of which 25 kilometers are said to have been preserved today.

This should however not diminish the effect of fake photos from Ston.

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