Cockta makes more out of it (and has more in it)

Coca Cola was also a symbol of the Western way of life in the socialist states and was therefore coveted but long unattainable. For this reason, various competing or substitute products emerged in these countries. These drinks were intended to allow the population to quench their thirst for cola without having to pour valuable foreign currency into the decadent western world. In the GDR, for example, these were Club Cola and Prick-Cola (the latter is said to have regularly amused visitors from English-speaking countries). And in Czechoslovakia there was Kofola.

In Yugoslavia, a drink called „Cockta“ was invented in Slovenia as a substitute for Coca Cola.

The drink certainly has its taste advantages. Over the years it has acquired cult status, even though it has nothing to do with a Coke:

The food chemist Emerik Zelinka, an employee in the development laboratories of Slovenija vino (Slovenian wine), developed a drink which tasted differed from similar soft drinks and which was the first carbonated soft drink in Yugoslavia.

Its main ingredient is hips of the dog rose, which were previously used mainly for tea. Lemons and extracts of eleven different herbs also contribute to the flavour. In contrast to Coca-Cola, it does not contain caffeine.

The name Cockta was chosen because of this „cocktail“ of different ingredients.

The development and marketing of the new Cockta was one of the first marketing-oriented projects in Slovenia. Sergej Pavlin, a student of architecture, designed the logo and the bottle characteristic of Cockta. The shape of this bottle was based on that of the contemporary beer bottle.

So Cockta is rose-hip tea enriched with additional flavours in a pseudo beer bottle!

This reads funny, but it actually tastes good. Many people therefore prefer Cockta to the original from the USA.

Maybe that’s the reason why it’s on the top of the fridge in this hotel in Palić/Palicsfürdő in Vojvodina with the advertisement for the big competitor?

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