Breathtaking flight around the Dalmatian Machu Picchu

Breathtaking views. But it gets even better: down below we invite you to a daring paragliding flight around the fortress!

Omiš a gem

The small town of Omiš in Dalmatia has quite a bit behind it: people have been bustling about there since early times: The Romans were there (of course!), and later it became known as a pirate’s nest and gave the Venetian merchants a hard time, before it came under the rule of Venice itself.

Martial „Plan B“ for Defence

However, it did not fall under the rule of the Ottomans as the small town was well prepared for their attack.

On the one hand, the geographical position at the mouth of the Cetina with the mountains behind made any approach difficult.

On the other hand, they had an impressive „Plan B“ for a possible conquest of the city. This plan consisted of the impressive fortress of Starigrad or Fortica, which rises 330 metres above the city. It was built at this dizzying height in the 15th century directly along the edge of the cliffs that drop steeply into the city. From there the Omišians wanted to throw boulders down, so conquerors would not have enjoyed Omiš for long because of this air raid long before the invention of the aeroplan.

On the top of world
The way up to this is no walk in the park, but you are rewarded with great views.

And you feel a bit like you’re in Machu Picchu when you look out over bare walls and rocks and karst mountains in the hinterland.

Reason before curiosity

So the climb is worth it! But you should get up early because of the heat. Good shoes and sun protection are a must. And you should also bring something to drink.

You should definitely take note of this!

Bathing slippers, naked upper body and the like, as the author of these lines encountered on the descent with already rapidly rising temperatures, could slightly diminish the experience.
For all those who do not believe it, here is a clarification:


This is not the most inhospitable part of the trail, so it gets worse!

When you pass this rock, you think, „I hope he stays up there!“


I wonder if this fence would really be able to stop rocks like that in an emergency?


Get ready to take off!
And here we invite you to take a paragliding flight around the fortress:

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