What do Tito and Paul McCartney have in common?

What do Tito and Paul McCartney have in common?

Tito and Paul McCartney are or were world-famous, successful, rich and beloved by women. And in a certain way Tito was also a pop star in his time.

What else do Tito and Paul McCartney have in common?

If you believe conspiracy theorists, they have something much more exclusive in common: In the of these theorists` opinion, both were replaced by a double!

Dead Beatle „brought back to life“?

In the case of Paul McCartney, this is said to have happened in 1968 after a fatal traffic accident, because the fans were not willing to accept the loss of a Beatle and the company „Beatles“ was not willing to accept the loss of future earnings. Therefore his death was kept secret and a double took over his role. (For die-hard Beatles fans, they have hidden some „clear“ messages on various record covers and in various songs).

Unreliable comrades liquidated and replaced?

With Tito things are a bit more complicated.Josip_Broz_Tito_in_prison_1928

In any case still the original: Tito during his imprisonment in Leopoglav prison in 1928 (Picture source: Wikipedia)

Josip Broz is said to have been exchanged for a Russian spy during a stay in Moscow as early as 1937 – probably because the „original“ did not offer enough guarantee for a policy in the sense of the Soviet Union.

One of the „proofs“ is his somewhat unusual accent, which even the CIA analysed to come to the conclusion that Tito was not Yugoslavian. (Others, however, point out that Tito’s manner of speaking was quite normal for his rural home region).

If the doppelganger thesis would be correct, then in the case of Tito some things would have got out of hand, since Tito (or his double?) in 1948 caused the break with the Soviet Union. If he had been a Russian spy, he would have become independent and would have become an „unguided missile“.

„Replacements“ at least as successful as originals

What both McCartney and Tito, or rather their „substitutes“, have in common is that they would have been quite successful in their roles and would have surpassed the original.

Possibly only a fake, more than 30 years after the death of the original: Paul McCartney (?) live in Barton, England June 13, 2010; Source. Wikipedia, Author: Oli Gill:5330px-Paul_McCartney_black_and_white_2010

Tito 2 successfully led the partisan fight against the occupying forces and then he succeeded, which was probably even more difficult, in freeing Yugoslavia from Soviet influence without causing a military conflict. And Paul 2 (also called „Faul“ among supporters of conspiracy theories in this respect) wrote the most successful single of the Beatles after the death of the original with „Hey Jude“.

Who needs originals anymore?

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