Not only beautiful things in the Belgrade Open Air Gallery

Murals are usually associated with alternative, even pacifist ideas and motifs.

This is partly different in Belgrade. There, the portrait of Ratko Mladic, convicted as a war criminal, can be found several times on the walls of houses, with the remark that he is a „Serbian hero“.


And one also finds Vladimir Putin, who is called „brother“ with the inscription next to his head.


That this assessment is not uncontroversial is shown by the fact that Putin has already been painted over several times. This is evidenced by the remains of green paint on the pavement.


Putin, however, was quickly back. So the Putin lovers in Belgrade are persistent.

In Skopje, on the other hand, the mural scene seems unambiguous in its verdict on Putin. Here are before-and-after pictures:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Other motifs from the Belgrade open-air gallery can be found here, here, here and here. More murals from Skopje can be found here. And if you like, we also invite you to visit murals in Sarajevo.
And if you look further, you will also find more murals from ex-Yu cities, for example from Mostar.

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