Rocking Christmas in Belgrade

Christmas in Serbia is not until 6 January. Therefore, friends of rock music in Belgrade do not have to listen to Christmas tunes on 24 and 25 December, but can pursue their musical inclinations without restraint.

On 24 December, the Belgrade Fair will host the „Rock’n’Roll Forever“ festival, with groups such as Atomsko Šklonište, Aerodrom, YU-Grupa, Teška Industrija and Divlje Jagode, all of whom are old masters of the ex-YU rock scene.

For some fans, this will certainly be a „Holy night“ of a different kind!


On 25 December, you can then go to Dom Omladine, the somewhat outdated „House of Youth“, one of the holy places of Yugoslavian rock, whose importance for the former country can perhaps be compared to that of the Marquee Club in London for the English scene. There in the „America hall“ a market of used vinyl records (yes: you read that right: vinyl records) and CD takes placs, which is a good occassion to expand your own collection with new and old discs of the analogue and digital kind.

In the evening you can go to Rambo Amadeus, who describes himself as a „musician, poet and media manipulator“ and has already been compared to Frank Zappa.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Wherever there is talk of Frank Zappa, one looks in vain for political correctness and wokeness. Therefore it is not surprising that Rambo Amadeus performs with an accompanying band called „five Winnetous“. Followers of the woken movement will surely revile the mention of an Indian name -pardon: name of an indigenous person- as cultural appropriation.

However, most likely this does not bother Rambo Amadeus much, since he, despite his name, is neither from the USA nor from Austria. Thus he is cultural appropriation personified.

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