With Đorđe Balašević, another piece of Yugoslavia has also died

He was an essential part of the soundtrack of Yugoslavia in its last two decades, which he analysed and described critically and melancholically in his songs. In doing so, he did not shy away from critical political commentaries and was not afraid to take on the powerful, first and foremost Slobodan Milošević. And his concert in Sarajevo, directly after the war, of which he had already warned in a song in 1987, is one of the great moving moments in Yugoslav music history.

Now (on 19 February 2021) Đorđe Balašević has died of pneumonia triggered by COVID 19. Another piece of Yugoslavia died with him.

A detailed obituary of the „Bob Dylan of Yugoslavia“ in German can be found on the website of the daily newspaper Standard and ORF. An report in English language is to be found here.

And we have reported here on a musical youthful sin of the musician also called Djole.

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