Better to the EU than to Belgrade

Recently, the new express train line from Belgrade to Novi Sad was inaugurated in Serbia. It now takes just over 30 minutes to travel the 80-kilometre route.

Impressive. Nevertheless, a resident of Novi Sad, which is abbreviated NS, commented on a report about it on the internet:

„We are not interested in that. We want to know when the train from Novi Sad will leave for the EU“.

A funny remark, which at the same time has a serious background. On the one hand, many people from the autonomous province of Vojvodina, whose capital is Novi Sad, look critically across the Danube and the Sava towards Belgrade, the capital of the entire state.

On the other hand, there are also many in „closer Serbia“, who look more to Russia than to the EU. The country is therefore divided in this respect.

Will the better train connection counteract this in the future?

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