Concrete ship as lost place of a special kind

Fans of lost places, i.e. dilapidated, no longer used buildings and other objects, usually have to go far away from civilisation to find such places, which are as run-down as they are enchanted.

This is different in Skopje, the capital of the state that is now called North Macedonia, unfamiliar but much shorter than before (when it was called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). There you can find this supposed pirate ship right in the city centre, take a photo of it and – if no one is looking – even enter it. It lies „at anchor“ less than three hundred metres from the city’s main square in the Vardar, a river that you could only navigate with a folding boat most of the year.

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So how did this giant ship, which is not made of wood but of concrete and would sink immediately if it really had to float in the water, get here?

That is a long story, which we can also abbreviate by referring to earlier contributions on this homepage. This concrete ship is one of many bizarre remnants of a weird plan to build a kind of historical Disney Land in Skopje. This plan was shelved by the new government. Therefore, this unfinished object is rotting away as a building ruin of a special kind.

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