Yugoslavia: Land of longing for leftists and naked people

Yugoslavian Longing No. 1: Workers‘ Self-Government

Yugoslavia was a land of longing for very different people in Western Europe.

On the one hand, there were those who were looking for a mor social(ist) political system. In Yugoslavia, so they could read, besides dear Uncle Tito, who liked to surround himself with international film stars, workers‘ self-management socialism prevailed, in which – at least according to theory – the working people in basic units decided on the management of their own enterprise.

However, workers‘ self-management was a niche issue for a minority among Western European left-wing intellectuals.

Much greater was the consensus on Yugoslavia on another issue.

In the supposedly prudish Middle Ages, this topic would not have lured anyone out of the bathhouse tub, was very ideologically occupied at the beginning of the 20th century and became a mass tourist phenomenon in the 1970s.

Yugoslavian longing no. 2: Bathing topless and without swimming tunks

It’s about going swimming and sunbathing, just as God created you (including all the „add-ons“ you’ve acquired over the years).

In the German language, there is an abbreviation for this that sounds as dashing as the name of a rapid-fire rifle: FKK.

Studying this topic reveals a lot. Among other things, it reveals how little thought was – and is – given in Germany to the internal conditions in Yugoslavia and even the geography there.

Istria in the 1970s not in Croatia?

In a report by the weill known German magazibe „Stern“ of 09 May 2016 14:14 under the languishing title „Europe nudist beaches in old photos: Naked in the hot sand“ it says something like :

„Nudist camp in Istria in the 1970s. At that time the Adriatic peninsula was still in Yugoslavia – and not in Croatia.“

So a geological event must have taken place here, compared to which the Wegnersche continental drift is Slow Motion.

Due to the political changes of the last decades, Istria must have slipped from Yugoslavia to Croatia.

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