Partisan cemetery in Krupa na Vrbasu

Barely two kilometres after the turnoff to the waterfalls, I take the time to visit the next sight I have so far left to the right, the local partisan cemetery, a relic from a time that is still much more present in memory here than in other parts of Europe.

The fallen were buried here in double graves.

Many of the victims are nameless.

BuH-Juli_2021_Fach (28)

In some cases, where the names were known, Serbs, Muslims and Croats were buried in the same grave.

BuH-Juli_2021_Fach (34)

That would probably no longer be done today.

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About this rubric

Anyone listening to the radio or watching television in Bosnia at the beginning of August might have thought they were back in the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1970s: All news broadcasts began with the family name „Schmidt“. This time, however, the first name was not Helmut, but Christian.

The former Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture has recently taken over the not easy office of High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This change of office is associated with a number of hopes there.

We are therefore taking the opportunity to present the country, which we recently visited again for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, in a few articles. We do not want to give a historical or political introduction, but rather, with short impressions and many pictures, to whet your appetite for a European country that for many is terra incognita with negative connotations. The focus is on two cities that are historically very important for the country, namely Jaice and Travnik.

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