Pilot of the Ex-YU airwaves

We have found another way to go to the former Yugoslavia, at least virtually, during the travel restrictions. This time not in a culinary way, but in an acoustic way. Using the internet via mobile phone and the app „ExYu Radio“, we now listen to the same stations while jogging in Germany as we do during our morning runs on our professional and private trips to the broadcasting area of the stations represented there.

The Rhine in Bonn then becomes the Danube in Belgrade and the Franconian hills become Bosnia. Try it!

We have set up some stations as favourites. These include the Montenegrin station Radio Elmag Pop Rock, which plays mainly rock and pop from Yugoslavia.

We have also preset two stations that speak „na nasem“ but play mostly Anglo-American rock music and have a wide selection of music to boot.

One is „Radio 100“ from Zagreb, the other „Rock Radio“ from Belgrade. The latter advertises on some days that not a single song would be repeated within 24 hours. This is a huge advantage if you live in an area where terrestrial sound is mainly provided by format radio stations that only broadcast a limited number of current hits on a continuous repeat loop!

„Rock Radio“ broadcasts about two thirds international rock and one third Yugoslavian rock. Therefore, it is also a good way for non-Yugos to get a taste of the scene of the former state in an environment where one mainly hears familiar things.

It can happen that you hear songs you haven’t thought of for years. Our highlight in this respect in the last few days was „Locomotion“ by Grand Funk Railroad, which we last heard in the 1970s (but frequently then).

Apart from the station’s location, nothing to do with Yugoslavia has the radio station „Mini Radio RocknRoll“, which is based in Prilep in northern Macedonia. Despite that it has become one of our favourites, as we re-encounter many early gems of popular music there that we haven’t taken out of the record collection for a long time. (You’ve probably never heard more, even not so well-known Chuck Berry songs, on any station!).

Of course, there are not only music stations to listen to, but also the official state radio stations and alternative stations with a decidedly journalistic bent. So in addition to musical escapes, the app also offers the opportunity to confront the harsh political reality. And this from often very different perspectives.

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