Advertisments illustrate political alternatives: Quo vadis Serbia?

Serbia, recently praised as a „front runner“ among the Western Balkan states regarding EU accession, is increasingly coming under criticism for its „seesaw policy“ between the EU and Russia.

Although it was certainly not intended this way, the different poles to which Serbia feels drawn (or should one better say: which want to draw Serbia to its side?) can now be understood in Belgrade’s city centre at Slavia Square, one of the central traffic junctions, by means of two house-high advertisements: 

One is from a large German discounter that has been preparing to conquer the Serbian market for several years. It stands, so to speak, for the West, capitalism and the free movement of goods and services.

On the other, emblazoned with the word „zajedno“ (together), the Serbian and Russian flags merge. This is also an advertisement. It is paid for by a Russian gas company that is not unknown in Germany.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

If it were an artistic installation, it could bear the title: Quo vadis Serbia?

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