„Yugoslavia“: Ringo Starr’s code name and an option for the venue of the Beatles‘ last live concert

Finally we have the chance to combine two of our favourite topics in one news item: Yugoslavia and the Beatles. The occasion is the new film Get Back, which retells the story of the recording of the album „Let it Be“ and in which Yugoslavia is mentioned twice. On the Nova.rs website it says:

It is interesting that in the first episode, somewhere in the middle, Yugoslavia is mentioned twice. When the guys from the band and members of the film crew are talking about the planned live concert, Ringo Starr, who internally probably had the code name „Russia“, suddenly says that he wants to change that and says: „I moved to Yugoslavia“, which means most that he wanted to change his code name.

Later, Yugoslavia is also mentioned as a possible location for the live concert (which then took place on the roof of the Apple record company building in London).

We look forward to comments from Beatles exegetes. Especially on the question of whether Ringo was a supporter of self-governing socialism :).

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