Breathtaking landscapes in the Bosnian-Montenegrin border area

Couldn’t that be a landscape from the film „Avatar“? How did we get there?

Here is the story:

Those who need to travel from Sarajevo to Podgorica have several options. Unfortunately, a train connection is not one of them. By plane, you would have to go either via Belgrade, Vienna or even Istanbul.

We therefore drove the 230 kilometres by car. Google Maps claims that would take four hours and twelve minutes. We say: „Malo morgen“ (as they say in most of the former Yugolslav states when you want to express: „Come On, You don’t believe that yourself!“).

Dangerous oncoming traffic on narrow roads along slopes that end hundreds of metres below, a border and, last but not least, a piece of road which simply slipped down recently made it almost six hours.

In return, however, we were rewarded with fantastic landscapes that we could actually enjoy because we were driven by a calm and experienced driver whom we would like to thank sincerely.

The gorges of the Balkans are adventurous even outside of Karl May’s novel of the same name, even today!

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