Cockta makes more out of it (and has more in it)

Coca Cola was also a symbol of the Western way of life in the socialist states and was therefore coveted but long unattainable. For this reason, various competing or substitute products emerged in these countries. These drinks were intended to allow the population to quench their thirst for cola without having to pour valuable foreign... Weiterlesen →

Croatia: Secret worlds not far from the beach

(Holiday in ) Yugoslavia was actually (Holiday in ) Croatia Summertime is holiday time. When people abroad talk about holidays in Yugoslavia (today: in the former Yugoslavia), they usually think of Croatia. The reasons for this are obvious: Croatia has the longest coastline of all the former Yugoslav republics and is from a lot of... Weiterlesen →

Apocalyptic Horseman – „Skopje 2014“

"Skopje 2014" was a showcase project of the previous government in North Macedonia that said a lot about its attitudes. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words: Here the apocalyptic horseman before (burning?) crosses. Let your imagination run free about the (background) reasons for this "composition"! Well, what do you think? If you come... Weiterlesen →

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